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this journal needs a better title

this journal also needs a better subtitle

icons by iris (no creative name necessary)
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Once upon a time there was a girl who was terrified of even opening up Photoshop. All those menus! All those options! Filters, textures...and what the hell was an exclusion layer, anyway?

But eventually, she sat down with a beginner's tutorial, gritted her teeth, and gave it a shot. And she decided that hey, this iconing thing was actually pretty fun.

glastheim is the iconing community for hezul. :3
f a q
why glastheim?
Because I play way too much Ragnarok Online. (ell oh ell, it's Norse-Korean!)

won anything?
Right here.

where do you get your brushes/textures/whatever?
I've got a list of resources here, but if you want to know what was used on a specific icon...well, I may or may not actually remember. ^^;

policy on crediting?
It's a nice thing, but realistically, if you don't do it, I'm probably not going to catch you. If you don't credit, though, please don't say you made anything here yourself. I'm mellow about this stuff, but that's no excuse to be a dick.

what about commenting?
You don't have to, but I'd love if you did. I'm still pretty new at this, so if you tell me what you think looks good and what you think could use some work, it helps me a lot. But while I'm happy to get constructive criticism, I'm not so wild about flames. Don't be a dick.

textless icons = bases, or no?
If I make something with the intention of it being used as a base, it'll be labeled as such. Once again, though, it's not like I can do much to enforce it, so I ask that you not be a dick about it.

do all of your policies for this journal boil down to "don't be a dick"?
Yeah, pretty much. ♥
f a n d o m s
I icon what I like. More often than not, this is probably gonna be animanga and video games. You never know, though; I may mix it up with the odd batch done from comics or movies or whathaveyou. You might even see something wacky like German traffic lights (really, it's happened in the past).

I'm going to make an effort to stick to those of my fandoms that don't get iconed by others that often, however, so you're not likely to see much Fruits Basket or Final Fantasy or RENT here. And there are plenty of better people than me out there, so you're probably not missing much!
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name; Iris
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