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24th-Mar-2007 12:15 am - [22 icons] D.N.Angel
bang bang you're dead
This is the first time I've ever been actually satisfied with a Dark icon batch, hur hur.

(His eyes are yellow because I felt like it. I'm just that awesome. Be glad I'm not spamming you all with blonde!Rinslet.)

-- Dark x22

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bang bang you're dead
Gasp, shock, I live! Was separated from Photoshop for a month over winter break, and then I've been busy/haven't really been feeling the graphical groove for a while. (As such, I left a lot of stuff out of this update, and I'm still kinda meh on a lot of stuff in it, but oh well.)

There's another one coming up right after this, though. Because I decided to split the point where I actually figured out how to make Dark icons that don't suck into its own update.

Civil War *
-- various x8
-- Dark x2
-- Satoshi x3

-- Kiritsugu x1
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-- Haruhi x2
-- Itsuki x2
-- Kyon x14
-- Kyon's sister x1
-- Kyon and his sister x1

-- Eyes x2
-- Hiyono x1

Weiß Kreuz
-- Ken x1
-- Omi x1

worldresolution / resolutionremix
-- various x7

* Credit for the Civil War icons should go to mightygodking, who put those hilarious parodies together. All I did was crop and resize. So if you credit me but not him, I'll have to punch you in the ovaries. :(

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bang bang you're dead
Lots of episode 8 in the Haruhi icons. Also lots of bias towards the guys. I'll get to the girls eventually, I swear.

-- Dark x10
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-- Haruhi x2
-- Haruhi and Kyon x1
-- Itsuki x17
-- Itsuki and Kyon x3
-- Kyon x15
-- Yuki x1

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bang bang you're dead
Yes, you're not imagining things. An update with no Spiral. DIVIDE BY ZERO, OH SHI--

-- Dark x18
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-- Itsuki x17

dreaming of youCollapse )
bang bang you're dead
For someone who will take any opportunity to express her undying hatred for coloring Spiral manga images, I certainly do it a lot these days. Maybe I'm a masochist at heart?

But hey, look, for once it's not all Spiral! Amazing, I know. :D

-- Kaneda x9
-- Tetsuo x2

Children of Mana
-- Poppen x1
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
-- Signum x1
Ragnarok Online
-- gunslinger x3
-- Eyes x8
-- Hizumi x1
-- Kanone x21
-- Sawamura x1

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17th-Nov-2006 09:15 pm - [25 icons] Spiral
bang bang you're dead
Why yes I am ignoring my iconfiend100 claims in favor of being a crazy Kanone fangirl.

What can I say. I like well dressed men who love kitty cats and firearms.

-- Kanone x25

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11th-Nov-2006 02:00 am - [19 icons] internet humor, Spiral
bang bang you're dead
I'm not actually positive about whether that last guy's name is Sawamura; he's in Spiral Alive, which I haven't actually read yet. I asked around and the best I've been able to get from other Spiral fans is that he's probably named Sawamura but most people aren't really positive. (If I could just get ahold of a page where someone says his name, I'd be in business. Oh well.)

(And incidentally, I am very sad that my single favorite image I've seen from Spiral Alive is ill-suited for icons. Kanone with a hugeass gun slung over his shoulder, holding up a cute kitty and making the :D face. Gotta love them psychopaths. ♥)

internet humor
-- misc x2
-- Ayumu x1
-- Eyes x1
-- Hizumi x9
-- Kanone x5
-- Sawamura x1

I'll be waiting in line just to see if you careCollapse )
4th-Nov-2006 12:07 am - [30 icons] Spiral
bang bang you're dead
Only Spiral tonight, I'm afraid. I'm in a groove for this show right now, what can I say. >_>;;

-- Ayumu x9
-- Eyes x12
-- Hiyono x2
-- Kanone x3
-- Kousuke x2
-- Rio x2

all the flowers died tonightCollapse )
here's that rainy day
Eyes Rutherford is a sexy bastard and I could make icons of him all night long. :X

Chrno Crusade
-- Chrno x1
-- Rosette x1

-- Daisuke x1
-- Dark x1

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
-- Signum x4
Secret of Blue Water
-- Nadia x2
-- Eyes x11
-- Kanone x6
-- Madoka x4
-- Rio x1

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19th-Oct-2006 10:13 pm - [26 icons] Nanoha, Spiral
bang bang you're dead
Ten more added to my iconfiend claim.

I've finally slowed down and stopped making Chrono icons like a monkey on crack, so this may well be the last batch you see that's completely dominated by him! AREN'T WE EXCITED, HOORAY~ \o/

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
-- Chrono x19
-- Fate x1
-- Kyouya and Miyuki x1

-- Eyes x2
-- Kanone x3

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